Rachel Bernstein, President and co-founder
Game credits: every Frog City game
Rachel co-founded Frog City, ran it successfully as an independent for 8 years, sold it to a major publisher and continued to run it as subsidiary studio. She has a background in software engineering and a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University.

Bill Spieth, Creative Director and co-founder
Game credits: every Frog City game
Bill co-founded Frog City, ran the design and art teams, and wrote the game manuals and design documents. He has an uncanny ability to correctly predict complex scheduling tasks. He has a background as a Dungeon Master, and a law degree from Harvard Law School.

Ted Spieth, Lead Game Designer and co-founder
Game credits: every Frog City game
The Spieth brothers work as a design team. Ted focuses on the mathematical aspects of design, working closely with programmers on the simulation and computer opponents. His continually plays and balances games throughout their development cycle, with a focus on the pacing and overall arc of the game's structure. He has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Princeton University.

Vadim Vahrameev, Principal Artist
Game credits: every Frog City game.
Vadim joined the original Frog City in 1996. He is a classically trained artist who is unbelievably productive and prolific. He has a great eye for color, and a background as an architect. He holds a degree in architecture from Moscow Architectural University.

Mark Palange, Technical Director
Game credits: every Frog City game after the Imperialism games, Crayola 3D Castle Creator, Bugs & Mermaid 3D technology demos for Intel, After Dark 4 & more
Mark joined the original Frog City in 1999; he's been in the games industry for 13 years. He is at that point in a capable senior engineer's career when he can both tackle the most difficult engineering tasks and lead a team of engineers. He has worked in nearly every area of game engineering, including art pipelines, game content, AI programming, graphics engines and sound engines. He has a background in art, which comes in handy when managing how artists and engineers will work together. He has a BFA in computer graphics and video research from Syracuse University.