Imperialism displays the three most important attributes of a great game: It's unique, challenging, and fun. -Computer Gaming World

Original, engrossing and fun...Fresh, well-balanced gaming that serious strategy gamers shouldn't miss. -PC Gamer Online

The gameplay in Imperialism is simply phenomenal, as it applies real-world principles to a computer game and actually makes them enjoyable....There are so many subtle nuances to the gameplay in Imperialism that I cannot mention them all. Suffice to say that the player will be discovering new tactics on a regular basis for quite a long time. -Adrenaline Vault

Imperialism is very addictive and is certain to keep you up nights making that 'last turn'. -Electric Games

Every conquer-the-world strategy game stands in the shadow of Civilization, which has dominated its genre for close to a decade. Well, there's a new ruler now. Imperialism is better because it focuses on what's good about strategy games and leaves the minutia to the computer, so you spend more of your time making big decisions rather than small ones. -Family PC

Imperialism is a masterful simulation of the endeavors that must be managed to bring your nation to its rightful place as a major world power: trading policies and diplomacy, resource acquisition and management, and outright military strong-arming. There's little conscience involved, so leave Noam Chomsky at home: brutal and unapologetic expansion is the order of the day, and it's great addictive fun. -Zentertainment

...the damn thing is so addicting that I just played and played, when I should have been writing this review. -Gamespot

There's something about games where you expand your territory that keeps you coming back; the economic and - especially - diplomatic extensions Imperialism adds to the typical military mix only make this empire builder all the more entrancing. -Computer Games Online

This simulation/conquer the world/political game has more than one gamer hooked. It combines the best of ruling the world, and the logistics, into what seems at first another boring simulation (sorry to all you sim fans, I'm just not one of you...). But then the fun begins. After just a couple turns of raising material goods, a request for a treaty alliance comes to your attention.... do you accept? How strong is their military? Your options are wide open, and this is only one country (there's 6 other major nations to consider). In this game the saying, "Choose your friends wisely" really fits, but what's more important is that you choose your enemies wisely. -Mac Now Magazine

Conquering the world for fun and profit is a staple of computer gaming, and in the Age of Empires (roughly the 1800s), it was a way of life. Imperialism captures the ebb and flow of this dynamic period with a terrific blend of economics, production, combat, and diplomacy. Imperialism is an exceptionally well-designed and imaginative game. -PC Magazine