The winner of the 1999 Chicklet for the Most Addicting Game was Imperialism II. Every time you hit 'New Game', it activates a time machine that transports you twenty hours into the future. This is arguably the finest turn-based game of all time.

Imperialism 2 is an engaging game. I daresay itís a great one and will very likely be my vote for the game of the year. -Strategy Gaming Online

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Heroes Of Might & Magic III are the kinds of games we're lucky to see once a year, if that often. And hot on their heels came Activision's ambitious Civilization: Call To Power. What a great time to be a fan of turn-based strategy games! And what a scary time to be a developer of them. Into this fierce competition steps Frog City's follow-up to 1997's Imperialism. Is there room for Imperialism II? The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Imperialism II is arguably the best of the lot. -Gamepower

For those who are attracted to economic simulation strategy games, they haven't played the best until they have played Imperialism. -PC Game Review

With deeper gameplay, tactical combat, and AI, the new game system is easier to learn and play than the original. The graphics are wonderful, with a baroque feel that draws you deeply into the atmosphere. -ZD Net

IMPERIALISM 2 continues to earn my highest regard and recommendation. I predict this will be one of the top strategy titles of 1999. This is an "up all night," "where did the time go" kind of game. It sucks you in. The winning goal may seem a bit like the old RISK, but how you get there makes you feel more like a merchant trader or diplomat than a warrior. -Gone Gold

This game succeeds where many of these games fail and that is in pure game design. You rarely see a game that puts so many different aspects together in such a simple and engaging way. I put Imperialism 2 at the top of my list for the current crop of turn-based strategy games. If you are looking for turn-based strategy fun, look no further. -Gamepen

It's been a banner season for turn-based strategy games. After a long dearth, we've been presented with Heroes of Might and Magic III, Civilization: Call to Power, Civilization 2: Test of Time and Alpha Centauri. With all of these big names battling it out for what the gaming industry keeps trying to assure us is a niche market of gamers, it might seem like a weird time for SSI to try and release their slightly less well known turn-based strategy sequel, Imperialism II. After a couple of weeks with the game though, I realized that while the subject material might not be as flashy or grandiose as some of the aforementioned titles, Imperialism II not only stands up against its competition, in many ways it often exceeds it. -IGN PC

The entire game is a wonderful experience since, although based on the standard resource managing and expansion scenario, offers you a different view of the world, where the real struggle is not the one for survival but that for dominance. -Games Overdose

The beauty of Imperialism 2 lies in the design of the tightly interwoven game elements. The design has enough tradeoffs, enough subtle interdependencies, that you feel that nearly every decision you make has a direct bearing on your success or failure. -Games Domain

It is a game to be brought out when the need arises to prove to friends and family that gaming can be a very mature pastime. If other "4X" games (those where the player must eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) are "beer and pretzels" games, Imperialism II would

Imperialism was a good game with a cult following. Its burnished bronze and sepia look wasn't necessarily what we expect from computer games, but the look was distinct and worked well in the context of the of the game. Imperialism II is a more refined and interesting use of the same system, with an excellent interplay of elements. Expansion is always checked by practical realities, and every alliance and war has a price. A well-balanced game with these elements is hard to create, and Frog City has done an excellent job of it with Imperialism II. -Gamespot

In the long term, Imperialism II: Age of Exploration provides epic strategic gaming with random maps and multiplayer support. You should be able to get your money's worth--and more--out of this one. Just don't plan on doing anything else for a while, because a single game can easily take days and a sleepless night or two. -Gamecenter

Those who say turn-based gameplay is dead - check your water supply for additives please, because games like this (and Alpha Centauri) still rule the roost as far as gameplay is concerned.
-Hot Games

The nice thing about Imperialism 2 was that it offered simple but solid elements that were easy to understand and control, but still difficult enough to master so that the game was always fun and challenging.
- Adrenaline Vault